What comes to mind when thinking of a bone as a hair accessory? How about Bedrock, using a dinosaur as a crane or Fred and Bam-Bam who are part of the modern Stone Age families? Still can’t guess? How about if I said Yaba-Daba-Doo? You got it: The Flinstones! It was always such a fun show to watch, and now that I re-watched the theme song to write this article, it makes me miss my childhood Saturday morning cartoons. What reminded me about The Flinstones was this Fashionista’s look.

Now you must be thinking, she’s not wearing a stone necklace or a bone in her hair. What made me reminisce was the blue polka-dot dress and pop of classy coral lip color to match her gold-studded purse. Maybe I’m the only one that sees the resemblance. Nevertheless, this Fashionista put together such a fun look. I think we need more of this carefree spirit when taking a peek into our closets in the morning. Summer weather is always a great time to bring out different things from your wardrobe, mix and match a little and walk out the door looking like you own a clothing line.

This Fashionista not only mixed patterns and textures, but colors and cuts as well. Her dark gray polka-dot, high-low cut, baby blue dress from Target is a great canvas for her coral side purse, and of course the accessory that would catch anyone’s eye: her chunky half-beaded, flower-buckled necklace from Stella and Dot.

You know that moment when you wish you really had your camera? That’s how I felt when I saw this necklace, so of course my first reaction was to call my sister to bring me my camera – fashion blogging life-saving move right there. This beaded and chained necklace pushes beyond the statement of the necklace, and gives the outfit a whole new look. Some may think that this is such a memorable necklace that you wouldn’t be able to wear it again, but in times like this, you know what to rely on: DIY. Try beading together pearls, different beads and chains. Then pull the strings and hot glue them to the back of a hand-made cloth flower of your color choice. You could even skip the hot gluing and clasp the twines together, making separate buckled straps for easy exchange-ability. This will make this $200 necklace a little more affordable to a college student. I’m going to try it myself, so stay tuned for a Saturday morning DIY!

Spotted: Check out the chunky necklace in Lanvin’s fall 2013 line!

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