The phrase “school is out,” is one that has maintained the same connotation throughout time. Maybe you are still taking classes and you have scored that impressive internship, but either way, you cannot deny that summer is in the air. It is the feeling that the possibilities for adventure are endless as are opportunities to expand your fashion palette. From a spontaneous shopping trip to simply taking a stroll in the park, having looks that you can throw together quickly has never been more pertinent and statement accessories can help you get the job done.

This Fashionista expertly accessorizes her strapless, black maxi with a multitude of necklaces of different colors and lengths. This look brings her solid dress to life and adds a punch of color to what would otherwise be a sleek, monochromatic outfit. Black weaves in and out of her outfit. From her black handbag to her Ray-Bans and black necklace and even the black detailing in her leopard sandals, the monochromatic background truly allows the green in her necklace to pop.

The beauty of the maxi is that it is a piece that can be styled a countless number of ways. To achieve this look, go casual with a long, black frock. The simplicity of black, when used as the base for any outfit, accomplishes the goal of making a statement and looking put together at the same time. Pairing the dress with a simple cross-body bag and minimalist sandals keeps the look light and airy.

Now for the necklaces. Layering jewelry is an art form in that it sometimes takes a painstaking amount of time to decide what to pair together, and yet you need to make the look seem effortless at the same time. Start with your staple necklace that you wear everyday, maybe one that shows your initials or even your home state and build from there. I also love the simplicity of this bar necklace that can both stand by itself and be matched with many others. When layering, combining edgy and feminine pieces always works. Don’t be afraid to be bold. In addition to green, turquoise and coral are great complements to any black outfit. Choosing necklaces that are solid in color is absolutely key in avoiding hectic style and maintaining a polished look. For the final touch, add a delicate necklace with a small gemstone that keeps the look down to earth.

The most important thing about jewelry is that it gives you the chance to make your style your own. Yet, deciding on what jewelry to wear is sometimes the most challenging part of putting an outfit together. Stick to what you know you like and feel comfortable in but be daring at the same time. Whether you are surrounded by people at a music festival or wandering alone on a tropical island, the baubles you are wearing can make you stand out, no matter the location.

Spotted: In her fall 2013 collection, Isabel Marant features several delicate necklaces that would be perfect for layering.

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