Will Shakespeare once posed the question, “What’s in a name?”

Though I’m no wordsmith, for my first ACCESSORIES REPORT I decided to take a page from Will’s works and ask, “What’s in an accessory?”

An accessory isn’t merely a supporting role, the baubles and fluff thrown on to make an outfit seem complete. A good accessory can be a real Viola and steal the show.

This week I’ve decided to focus on a trend that has crept its way into almost every corner of the accessory world: ombré. The pervasiveness of the trend can probably be chalked up to its flexibility. Tt works with nearly every outfit, but still maintains enough interest to give the Fashionista/o the desired pop. No accessory can escape the ombré. From summery, bohemian dresses to comfy, slouchy tees, the trend proves it is no fleeting fad. Even the workplace could use a dose of ombré by adding in a blazer over a neutral pencil skirt. Small ombré detail, like in these platforms or this tote, can be thrown on to add personality to a dull look.

This Fashionista chose to style the ombré in a simple, but ingenious way: with her hair. What’s better than an accessory you don’t have to take off when you go through airport security? Her dark brown to blonde ombré hair is an increasingly popular style. Celebrities like Leighton Meester, Alexa Chung and Drew Barrymore have all dabbled in the trend, using their eye-catching dos to spice up even the blandest of looks.

The Fashionista kept the rest of her look fairly minimal: the perfect denim shirt with a polka-dot and stripes pattern, black denim shorts and zig-zag Vans. With the red lipstick and her ombré hair to complete the look, this Viola is ready for the spotlight.

One of the best parts of trends like ombré is finding a way to DIY. The ombré look can easily be achieved by dip-dying any garment or leaving the bottom of some denim shorts to soak in bleach (although, not recommended for hair.)

Spotted: Lucas Nascimento’s spring 2013 collection featured ombré prominently among its futuristic silhouettes. The pieces played with the juxtaposition of sheer paneling and bright color schemes, resulting in an ethereal product.

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