Fashion has become inextricably linked to all manners of things and extreme sports are no exception. The style of skateboarders has evolved over the years, however, several classical elements remain: sneakers, comfortable denim and hats. This season, skater style has expanded beyond rails, parks and empty swimming pools to become a key fashion trend. This Fashionisto proves that there is more to this style than simply throwing on a pair of Vans and skinny jeans in that his outfit would work for a morning of classes followed by an afternoon skate session.

Key aspects of the modern skater look include wearing oversize pieces and layering. This skateboarder opted for slim fit gray denim, a chambray shirt and a maroon windbreaker with a gold pentagram detail on the back. He decided to go big on top with the button-down and jacket. These same two pieces also work to create a layered silhouette. One thing I’ve noticed among skaters is that they support brands on their clothing. This fly guy demonstrates this trend in the labels on his Thrasher jacket, Converse sneakers and Huf hat.

A hat can be considered the ultimate skater accessory and thus the epitome of carefree cool. While many skateboarders wear them, this stylish fellow demonstrates his personal taste in having the bib of his five panel pointed slightly upwards on his head. His unique flair is also apparent in how he chose to wear his windbreaker with only the top button done up. His glasses reflect a vintage influence and are similar to Ray-Ban Clubmasters. A handful of bracelets add some color to his ensemble while his necklace was actually repurposed from an old western string tie. He also matched his low top sneakers to the maroon of his jacket. Casual and comfortable looks such as this one are great for any student, even if you’re not a skateboarder.

Spotted: A skater/grunge theme is evident in Topman Design’s spring 2013 menswear collection.

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