ACCESSORIES REPORT: One is Silver, The Other’s Gold

When it comes to picking out jewelry to coordinate with an outfit, I’m usually incredibly picky. I make sure that when I’m wearing gold on my shoes that I have gold in my necklace or bracelet in order to have a perfectly coordinated outfit. I’m normally pretty scared to mix silver and gold. That’s why I was so surprised and inspired when I saw this Fashionista rocking the streets of the Fashion Institute of Technology.

This Fashionista took the ultimate fashion risk just piling on ring after ring. Gold, silver, blue or amber, she did a perfect job of mixing and matching materials and colors. The jewelry really added the perfect touch of detail to her classic black and white outfit. Also, this Fashionista was carrying a black and gold purse that really added more bling to her already decked out outfit. Most of her rings came from the FIT weekly flea market and vintage shops around New York City. Vintage shops are truly one of the best places to find some really unique and original pieces. Higher-end designers like Michael Kors, PANDORA and GUESS love to work this trend into their collections. I couldn’t be more inspired by this Fashionista’s ability to take risks, go outside of the box and really make this trend work.

I have to say she really inspired me. I went home and tried on some different colored jewelry together and it wasn’t half bad. This trend is something that has grown on me and I hope that it has grown on you as well. Next time you’re planning an outfit, don’t be afraid to take a risk and throw on a couple of different colored pieces of jewelry!

Spotted: Lanvin did a perfect job of demonstrating this trend on her fall 2013 runway. The whole collection features some really interesting pieces that are both silver and gold, and are literally just piled on top of each other. This is surely a trend to try out this summer.

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