As a child, I loved the Disney film Peter Pan. The idea of spending a never-ending childhood in Neverland going on countless adventures sounded like a wonderful idea to me. Now that I’m grown up however, I’m more in love with Peter Pan collars. (Although, I’d still like to go to Neverland).

The Peter Pan collar first got its name in 1905, when Maude Adam’s wore one on her costume during her role as Peter Pan in the production of Peter and Wendy, in New York.  It was a big hit in the fashion world and Adam’s collar has since retained its association with her role.

This Fashionista proves that just as Peter Pan never aged, neither did these collars! Modern day versions of this famous neck wear can often be seen in a variety of fashions. A lot of times they are added to clothing as permanent fixtures, just like any other collar. These are nice because they are a bit different from your usual roll collar and give your garment a feminine touch. My personal favorite way to wear them, though, is as a necklace.

Collar necklaces are a great way to add polish to your look, not to mention they’re extremely versatile. Wearing one on top of a sweater will instantly make you look more put together, without all of the fuss of wearing a collared shirt underneath which can look bunchy. They can also give detail to more basic tops and dresses. Layering one under a shirt that already has a collar can look rather snazzy too, believe it or not.

This Fashionista decided to wear hers as more of a standalone piece, which works well with her style of shirt. In doing this, she made it the focal point of her ensemble. Your eyes go straight to her necklace, bringing your attention upward towards her face. This is another benefit of these gems. Additionally, I like how it gives her a pop of color midst all of the black and white. Well done!

This neck attire can be found decorated in many different ways. Try this jeweled collar for a little bit of bling. Looking for a statement piece? Check out this glistening bib.

Spotted: Louis Vuitton showed how to layer collars like a pro in his resort 2012 runway show.

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