Let’s face it people, it’s hot. When I say hot I don’t mean “Oh let’s go to the beach today and lay out for a nice golden tan.” I mean, “Holy crap it’s so hot that I can literally feel my insides boiling and my skin melting off.” At least that is the case here in sunny, scorching Miami. These are the downsides of living in a tropical paradise during the peaking summer months. Not to mention if it’s not 100 plus degrees then it is probably pouring monsoon rains since it is also hurricane season.

Yes, life is hard for us here in the southern most point of the country but there is one thing that we have learned that the rest of you Fashionista/o’s can take away and that is to always protect your noggin. Obviously you should always keep your skin protected with the proper SPF but what’s more important than beauty of the skin is beauty of the mind. You don’t want that summer sun to turn that beautiful mind of yours into a pile of delirious mush so always be sure to have the appropriate head gear such as this Fashionisto.

Taking inspiration from the recent Miami Heat victory he chose to celebrate through a simple yet effective logo hat. These are the perks of hats, they are not only a great way to showcase certain traits of your personality but also smart ways to keep yourself weather protected. So before you step out for a long day in the sun make sure to grab a cap, your brain will thank you for it.

Spotted: Thom Browne is clearly a man of the mind as he sent all of his models down the runway with military inspired hats on for the spring menswear collection. 

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