Color blocking has blossomed into one of the most predominant trends of the summer season. The colors are quirky and eye-catching, while the linear structure is simple. Although the similar silhouettes and consistent cuts may make this trend seem repetitive at times, anyone can make this look their own by accessorizing it in unique and various ways. Whether incorporating different textures with a color block look or merely adding other solid or geometric pieces, you can’t go wrong.

Red is one of the most dominant colors and can seem daunting to incorporate into a look. It is a hue that is bold and bright yet this Fashionista makes it basic. I have always been weary of rouge because it is so strong and domineering, it can easily overwhelm a look. However, when it is broken down and paired with the right colors and silhouettes it looks stunning. This Fashionista decided to keep her red under control by adding a simple shoulder bag to her color block ensemble. It ties in nicely with her look and does not fight with the black, pink or nude hues in the outfit. By staying within the color palette of the ensemble and staying consistent with the simple lines, she avoided a disjointed look.

This style of shoulder bag is perfect for daytime.  You can carry the essentials without having to drag around a large bag. Especially when sporting a bold pattern with strong colors, you don’t want your look to be cluttered or overwhelming. However, if you want to take this look into the nighttime try pairing this trend with an angular clutch. Just remember to be mindful of the palate that a color block piece creates and use that as your guide to accessorize!

Spotted: Proenza Schouler showed shoulder bags with geometric prints and bold colors. This is perfect proof that the right color and accessory combination can look outstanding.

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