You always hear phrases like “less is more” or “keep it simple” when an onlooker thinks your outfit is about to get crazy. But as a Fashionista, you know you can’t always listen to what others say. This Fashionista chose to wear multiple rings. Some people would think that it complicates the outfit and is too gaudy, but we know it brings a spunky characteristic to her whole overall look.

Multiple doesn’t mean you couldn’t make up your mind. It means you wanted more. A trend that I see going on now are the multiple rings that spell out words. There is one letter for each finger such as “LOVE” or “BOSS.” This rings have evolved from the 80’s brass knuckles that were popular for the hip-hop scene.The three finger rings have been coming back into style for a few years now. (But they have updated to the single finger rings with letters.) The most prevalent three finger ring I see now says “BAD,” as spotted on fashion icon Rihanna. ¬†She brought attention to the rings and necklaces that say “BAD” and almost everyone wants one now. These accessories are sure to get a reaction from your friends!

You could also say that this trend was started by Michael Jackson, “The King of Pop,” who would put tape around his knuckles. This has evolved into the cute knuckle rings that people wear either singularly, or like he did on most of his fingers.

Spotted: Here is an example of multiple rings in the Balenciaga spring ready-to-wear 2013 collection.


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