Not just for festival flower children and rock stars anymore, the fringe trend has been popping up everywhere this summer. From handbags to beaded necklaces to sandals, the former hippie trend is now very fashion-forward. A great way to make an outfit more fun and whimsical, fringe is perfect for any summer look.

This week’s Fashionista featured the fringe trend in her look perfectly. Wearing a sleek black tank and cream crochet shorts, the outfit is not too overwhelming with her colorful rainbow beaded necklace. Heading to an outdoor concert, the outfit was cool and comfortable, but the fringe detail in the necklace gave the outfit that edge it needed. Light blue sandals and black leather cross-body bag with a small fringe detail tie everything together. Something to keep in mind about this style is that too much could be a bad thing. Make sure you do not overdo the fringe look because you could end up looking like a walking mop.

You can dive into the fringe trend without breaking the bank. This affordable bracelet from incorporates a very small fringe detail for those just experimenting with the trend. If you want a bolder look, try this gold chain necklace from Shopbop. To take this style past just jewelry, check out my personal favorite line of purses this season, Rebecca Minkoff’s M.A.C. bags. They are casual, but still stylish, and have long leather fringe tied to the zippers.

Spotted: Versace’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear featured long fringe necklaces with the bohemian-chic collection.

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