Were I to spot this Fashionista anywhere, I could imagine her strolling through some coastal California town. Her bohemian touches and laid back vibe are so spot-on I can almost taste the avocados and hear the crashing waves. Despite her casual approach, she proves that even beach day dressing can be taken to the next level with some thoughtful accessories and individualistic flair. After all, you don’t need to be a left coast native to look so coolly stylish—for this girl it’s an everyday affair. A day bouncing from the beach to the street is kicked up a notch with the artful pairing of delicate jewelry and a knockout print.

Thanks to a resurgence of ’90s style, crop tops and faded high-waisted denim shorts are all the rage. And what could be more perfect for a hot summer day? She puts these trends into high gear with a riotously vibrant and bohemian print cropped bustier and the always-appropriate military-inspired jacket. Set off by a dainty necklace and a petite stack of beaded gold bangles, this girl strikes a balance between a daring statement and small yet conscientious details.

This Fashionista’s gold necklace is perfectly on trend yet maintains a timelessness in its simplicity. This is the kind of piece that can really be thrown on with anything from a floaty formal dress to a bikini. Her bracelets are similarly fabulous, the small turquoise beading perfectly complements the red hues of her bustier.

She takes the more personal aspect of fashion to the next level by making each piece entirely her own. Just as her clothes put her squarely in a California beach town, this Fashionista’s look is instantly recognizable as her own. In addition to speaking entirely to her personal style with each detail, she even alters some pieces herself. In this case, she added a ribbon hem to her cutoffs and frequently makes her own jewelry. What could be more fashionable?

Spotted: Charlotte Ronson sent out models that looked ready for a chic coastal excursion in her spring ’13 read-to-wear show.

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