Scarves aren’t just for the winter chill. The right scarf can be worn year-round, and during the summer, a vibrant cloth adds interest to an otherwise plain seasonal wear. Silk scarves, in particular, have an added advance of a vintage feel combined with a feathery thin weight that won’t leave you boiling in the summertime rays.

This Fashionisto styles his handkerchief loosely around his neck, an edge just peeking out from the collar’s center. The short and thin scarf of royal blue, white and gold matches well atop a monochrome short-sleeved striped shirt.  Negative white space encompassing the upper and lower portions of the top provides just the right amount of space for a scarf to fill (without feeling overwhelming). The scarf inserts a definite pop of color among a relatively light-toned ensemble. In addition, the Fashionisto’s cross necklace is faintly hinted behind his silk scarf. A matching bracelet adorns his wrist.

The most convenient component of a scarf is its versatility. A fabric of shape – square or rectangle – can be so easily manipulated to form a flattering additive piece. Folded, tied, twisted, draped or knotted, a simple patterned handkerchief amounts to endless wearable techniques. If you’re clueless, for a unique DIY, Tory Burch features their tie-dye scarf in this fun scarf-tying how-to video and Refinery29 shows a guide in complete .gif viewing format. If you’re still in search for that perfect 100% silk summer scarf, the painterly floral print scarf by Accessorize offers an up-to-date image. Free People and Anthropologie keep silk in circles with the loop and infinity.

Spotted: Upfront on the homepage today reads a “Hail to the Handkerchief”, where they share a list of their old-fashioned bandanna favorites. Coming up second in the running was a Christian Dior silk scarf.

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