There are some trends that just grab the attention of a single college student and create a huge following on one campus. Sperry Top-Siders, in particular, are one of those trends, due to its style, comfort and how easy they are to be paired with. You may question, why or how did a shoe that was really made for boating and safety become so popular? Originally, most people with money wore these shoes, making them extremely popular with the preppy crowd. Now celebrities like Blake Lively to rappers like Kanye West have appeared in them. Also, they are water resistant which guarantees that your shoes will remain in perfect condition no matter the situation. All of these aspects are reasons why they’ve become so popular and what makes it easier for men to put together a casual, complete look.

This Fashionisto woe a pair of Sperry Top-Siders. He looked very well put together with a classic polo from American Eagle Outfitters and jeans. A neutral pair of Top-Siders, like tan, black or white, are probably the most practical because they go with more. They are also easily paired with different cuts of jeans, skinny or flare, and just give a more mature feel.

Are you daring? Try a pair in plaid, olive, navy or any other color that makes a statement. You can even try mixing prints with something like a patterned scarf for a bolder look and still maintain a casual appearance. If you’re not into printed shoes, you could change the jeans to khakis. Since these shoes go with just about anything, you should have no trouble creating an outfit to fit your personality and style!

Spotted: Sperry Top-Siders have been seen in Milly’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection.

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