Suspenders are awesome. If you’ve never worn them yet you’ve been missing out. They are one of those age-old accessories we know you probably don’t need but undeniably add a dosage of collegiate dorky swag to any ensemble. I caught this Fashionista scribbling away into a few notebooks at Oddfellows Café & Bar on Capitol Hill. A talented songstress, she allowed me to interrupt her mid-line to snap a quick shot of her outfit.

If you know me you know I love anything that doesn’t look forced, so that twisted suspender in the back that was presumably unintentional made the outfit even more adorable. There is a certain element of homeliness and class that suspenders provide any outfit.  Fashionistas should never feel limited to feminine clothing. I love a masculine twist on women’s fashion whether that is through bow ties, suspenders or boyfriend blazers. With some interesting pieces and a slight air of “je ne sais quoi” the world is but your oyster.

As noticed by a peer of mine, when your outfit looks uncomfortable you look uncomfortable and inevitably everyone around you can tell. You could be in the latest from Milan but if you don’t feel like you’re rocking it I’ll tell you now that you probably aren’t. The unkind truth that individual fashion should be, to some degree, functional is my own humble opinion. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t strut around in five-inch Jeffrey Campbells (because we all know those are beautiful and should not be hidden in the closet until girls night) but own it, ladies. Own it!

Suspenders can be worn with a skirt, badass Dr. Martens or an adorable knit sweater and newsboy cap. With so many options it would be a shame to deny yourself the pleasures of such a nostalgia-loaded clothing item.

Spotted: Suspenders dotted Rebecca Taylor’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear line.

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