ACCESSORIES REPORT: Swooning Over The Satchel

The “murse”, the “man bag”, the “oh, this is totally just a backpack with a missing strap.” Whatever you want to call it, guys, the fact of the matter is that we all know that you are secretly jealous of our womanly ways. I mean purses. Where else are you going to carry your wallet, work or school materials and whatever else you men need?

Have no fear, Fashionistos, because it’s 2013 and today’s world has fully acknowledged the idea that a man needs a purse too. And the fashion world has embraced this as well, so it’s time to go beyond that old leather briefcase.

This week’s Fashionisto stepped outside of the box and carried a brown messenger bag with red lining on the inside. He wore this accessory with his cool graphic T-shirt, coral shorts, Sperry Top-Siders and Ray-Ban shades. I caught this Fashionisto as he was headed into the library, but that doesn’t mean that this type of bag is only suitable for study days.

If you’re a Fashionisto who is still uneasy about the idea of carrying a bag in public, I would suggest starting out with a cool backpack. There’s still plenty of room for all your daily gear and you can keep your manly look intact. For all the sporty Fashionistos out there, you can upgrade that worn gym bag to a more chic option. You’d be surprised by how many sports brands today make very adorable, I mean cool, bags to throw your towel in at the end of the day.

Regardless of what kind of upgrade you make in the bag department, don’t be afraid to branch out. Fashionistos, you no longer have to be bored watching your ladies shop for purses because you can browse for yourself too!

Spotted: Michael Kors’ spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection consisted of a mix of women and men clutching onto divine bags.

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