ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Cosmetic Power Of Sunglasses

We have seen them in “The Matrix” and even at award shows; in essence we underestimate the cosmetic power of the sunglasses, as Dita Von Teese would say. Now as we find ourselves in the middle of summer it is evident that the current heat wave effects how we dress. We try to dress in compliance with the weather while also preserving our personal fashion sense. In this heat wave try to follow the mantra of “less is more.” There are great ways to still accessorize that do not increase your body temperature or make you feel suffocated. I found this Fashionista walking around the university despite the 95-degree weather.

Her style characterized as comfortable was fitting for the weather.  The popular shoes called TOMS accompanied the black patterned mini dress. Toms are not only long lasting but they are perfect for any occasion. More importantly every time Toms are purchased the donations go to help someone in need! A great investment indeed, helping others one pair of Toms at a time!  These specific ones are categorized as the “classic” and can be found in different colors.

Besides the Toms her sunglasses were a perfect pop for the outfit. While you can never go wrong with a classic aviator look this Fashionista spices up her outfit with her purple sunglasses. The original Wayfarer is popular this summer. Its shape is distinct in that it is both square but has rounded portions to the sunglasses. Wayfarers in color are definitely a trend that has picked up this summer different than the normal black or brown options.  If you are looking for the perfect wayfarer look to Ray-Ban. However, if you want something a little less pricey take a peak at Forever 21 and their line of sunglasses! Wayfarers are the perfect unisex sunglasses. During the ESPY awards a number of athletes were seen wearing sunglasses and specifically these types. Sunglasses have evolved from an item to shade your eyes from the sun to a fashion accessory worn indoors and out!

Accessorizing is important but knowing when and where to accessorize is equally important when it comes to fashion. This Fashionista is careful that her outfit stays true to herself but also to the unbearable heat.

Spotted: Valentino made sure to accessorize this beautiful black dress in the ready-to-wear 2012 fall show! The addition of the chic sunglasses completes the sophisticated and simple look!

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