The Little Black Dress (otherwise known as the LBD) is an iconic look that has been considered a “classic” since the 1920s during Coco Chanel’s reign. As many classics, such as the LBD, have been popular era after era, the Little Black Purse is an item that has gone unrecognized as a must-have in every female’s closet (or better, in her hands). Whether you’re flipping through a magazine or looking at images of looks from the latest and greatest runway shows, I promise you there will be at least one Little Black Purse in just about every one of them.

When searching the streets of Fashion Institute of Technology for my newest Fashionista/o to feature on my next article, I always look for girls and boys that stand out to me. It’s usually the ones who wear bright colors and really unique and interesting accessories, but for this week I decided to tone it down. I searched for the more classic girl, and found class and style mixed into one with this Fashionista. Wearing all black and white with a small pop of color, this Fashionista really hit the spot when working on that classic look. As much justice as the garments and shoes did, the bag was the cherry on top of this chic outfit for me. When I started to ask about her bag, I was surprised that it came from Zara! When I think of a really classic LBP, I think about Marc Jacobs, Céline and Michael Kors.

This purse achieved the look design-wise that I would go for when choosing a classic black purse. When you’re searching for the perfect Little Black Purse, make sure you really look into it. Find a timeless bag — something that will make you never want to buy a new bag (although I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a new one within the next six months!). Find a purse that suits your style and can go well with just about every event and adventure you are ready to set off on. You can see my classic Little Black Purse here.

Spotted: The fall 2013 kate spade new york ready-to-wear collection was swarmed with Little Black Purses. Of course, this just goes to prove how classic these LBPs really are since designers include them in their collection!

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