From a pool to a beach to a water park, there are an endless amount of places to cool off when the weather approaches 100-degrees with 100 percent humidity. My favorite place to escape to and dip my feet into during the summer months is the Atlantic Ocean at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

When the heat is scorching and the sun is blaring, most people at the beach tend to wear as little clothes as possible. However, style does not end on the streets; it continues onto the sand where people wear bright colored bathing suits, flashy sunglasses and a variety of hats.

I caught this Fashionista on an overcast day and she was all smiles. Advanced beach-goers know not to let a few clouds and rain drops ruin the day. To them, clouds mean one thing: an opportunity to shop til you drop without missing out on a good beach day.

This Fashionista was ready to conquer the rainy day by focusing her attention on the boardwalk stores rather than moping around wishing the sun would come out. She threw on a pair of jean shorts and a T-shirt and was ready to buy out the stores on the boardwalk. This Fashionista’s multi-colored turban headband made her stick out among the otherwise simple crowd.

Turban headbands can come in many patterns, such as animal print, and materials, like silk. I for one like to throw them on when I’m having a bad hair day. This Fashionista’s hair, however, was looking good with long beachy waves.

Her knit headband is perfect for a shopping day; it keeps her outfit looking casual and relaxed, but also put together.

The size of the headband is ideal exposing the right amount of forehead and the knot in the middle brings light to her heart-shaped face. In addition, the warm colors gracing the headband bring attention to the tan glow of her skin and complement her caramel hair.

When at the beach, accessories are normally kept to a minimum. Nobody likes to look flashy on the boardwalk! This Fashionista wore additional accessories that were absolutely necessary like shoes and a purse. The colors of her headband highlight them. The tan in the pattern matches her Marc Jacobs satchel bag and her Rainbow flip flops.

Spotted: Turban headbands were also seen on Marc by Marc Jacobs spring ready-to-wear runway.

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