It’s always nice to come across a guy who can take a few of his wardrobe basics and put them together to make an outfit that not only looks great, but shows a bit of his personality as well. A simple pair of jeans and a button-down shirt can go a long way. There are so many different options you can play around with, but knowing where to start is always the trick. I spotted this Fashionisto who created a look that is both sophisticated and cool at the same time. He takes classic pieces and puts his own twist on them.

He looks professional and put-together, while also having that bit of edgy coolness with his two-toned varsity jacket. He’s rocking those leather sleeves. Another great part about his outfit is the fit. There are a lot of guys who often opt for the baggier look (you know the ones) and although it’s not always horrible, there’s just something so nice about clothing that fits properly. I love how this Fashionisto chose pieces that are more fitted, creating a sharper image.

His accessories take his outfit to the next level and are the perfect match. I noticed how his black and brown backpack follows along with the two-toned theme, fitting well with the jacket. Then his brown leather Oxfords tie in with the brown of his backpack. It all works so well. He brings in a bit of color through his bracelets, which are a nice personal touch.

He emphasizes his effortless sense of style by keeping it simple. His outfit is a great example of one that can be worn for a day of classes or meeting up with friends. Versatility is key!

Spotted: Jonathan Saunder’s spring 2014 collection was full of colorful varsity jackets.


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