It only takes a few extra buttons to transform your classic collared blouse into the trendiest new item in your wardrobe. It is safe to classify this trend as ‘geek chic’ being both conservative and edgy. Now you can button up your blouse all the way to the top, and it is acceptable to simply stop there. A true Fashionista should add a necklace around the collar for extra pizazz. This accessory trend has been spotted all over the streets lately, and is frequented on celebrities such as Alexa Chung. Buttoning up that blouse opens the doors to a brand new realm of accessories.

This Fashionista from Philadelphia University has decided to utilize the top button of her blouse. She is sporting a chic circle skirt, a blush button down, the perfect neutral platform sandals and completed the look with her eye catching crystal bib style necklace.  This Fashionista is accentuating the collar and placing the focus on her radiant necklace. Accessorizing with a conservative buttoned up blouse really brings the attention back up to your face. Which makes this trend perfect for your summer internship or even a job interview. This trend can be always be dressed down by swapping the long sleeve button-down for a sleeveless one. Some may choose to complement the sleeveless ‘buttoned-up’ button-down by exchanging the crystals for a simple metal collared necklace .

Overall, adding a bright choker or statement necklace around the collar can add a bit more edge and liven up your outfit. This summer sleeveless button-downs are a must when accessorizing your collar. I am a personal fan of the American Apparel “Sleeveless Lawn Crop Button-Up” paired with this rhinestoned Topshop necklace

Spotted: Chic buttoned up blouses paired with jewels in Kenzo’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear line.

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