Understanding what is appropriate attire for work is an important aspect of being a successful yet stylish businesswoman. When I saw this Fashionista incorporating her feminine and flirty style into her work wardrobe I felt it was fitting to capture her look. For all those who are struggling to maintain their own personal style while not over or under dressing for work or an internship this is an ode to you. The fitted white shirt is the universal symbol for business casual. However, she dresses up the look and incorporates a knee length peplum polka-dot pencil skirt into her wardrobe.  Now with all that detail in the skirt not much is needed for her to spice the outfit up! This is a look one can take from day to night with just a few changes but definitely a stylish one for the work place. All she really needs is a nice bracelet, watch or earring. In this case she has two out of the three  and just the right amount of accessories to make an outfit fashion forward while staying within code of the office or workplace.

The Fashionista pictured is wearing an oversized studded earring. The best thing about this type of earring is that it is not overbearing nor does it feel heavy on your ears like one that dangles. Oversized studded earrings really standout and make an outfit pop! In the picture you are immediately drawn to the beauty of the earring. Oversized studded earrings also come in many shapes, sizes and designs. The Fashionista’s in particular suit her outfit because of the circular and neutral color that compliments the polka dots on the skirt. The golden part of the earring also mixes well with the other color combination the woman pictured has put together. The earring is a mixture of class and sophistication which reminds me of vintage Chanel earrings.

Spotted: The Chanel resort 2011 look is another example of when an earring can compliment a classy outfit for work.

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