When it comes to wearing a classic accessory during the summer, our options can be limited. Year after year, we buy pieces that we regret later on. However there is one timeless piece that, when worn, always seems to prove that fads are frivolous and style is eternal: the pearl necklace.

This Fashionista wore a summer look that was casual yet dressy. Each piece of the outfit was coordinated with the other, whether through color, texture or function. She wore a gorgeous chiffon floral blouse over some denim shorts as the base of her outfit. For some extra coverage in a freezing air-conditioned classroom, she pulled over a lovely cut-out sweater that accentuated the hints of pink within the blouse itself. This is a great trick for Fashionistas/os who are unsure of how to use their knits during the warmer months. Along with a wrist full of fun bracelets and an unforgettable Marc Jacobs bag, this Fashionista decided to contrast the flow of her outfit with some pointed and two-toned flats. These flats have an ankle strap that can give more balance to an outfit.

All of the carefully paired pieces in this Fashionista’s outfit set the stage for her pearl necklace. This Fashionista told me that she couldn’t get enough of the pearl look and actually bought two identical necklaces of different lengths to accentuate the glamorous look of the pearls.This particular strand was attractive because it featured small hints of gold between each pearl for a vintage look and feel in this summer ensemble.

When using pearls in an outfit, it is important to keep in mind that size makes all the difference. A thin, single-stranded necklace that whorls around like this Fashionista’s is great for casual occasions during the summer. It adds a smooth texture to an outfit while still maintaining the overall feminine look and feel. For more formal occasions, thicker pearls of different hues can be substituted. This Fashionista was able to seamlessly mix her pearl necklaces into her outfit setting them under the collar of her blouse. A piece like this is beautiful for every season and can mend to any trend. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that pearls can be found everywhere from vintage accessories to modern, avant-garde pieces.

Pearls are the true underdog of fashion. They look great in every way, and have found a place in every age of fashion. With an extra pop of lipstick like this Fashionista’s, your pearls will make a world of a difference this summer.

Spotted: As the summer shifts into fall, keep the iconic Comme des Garçons‘ fall 2009 ready-to-wear pearl and mesh mash-up in mind.

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