Convenience and comfort are two things that I require of any item I’m debating on purchasing. I consider these two things when purchasing clothing, jewelry and handbags, but especially with shoes. As a New Yorker, comfort is crucial when you have to walk all the way from one side of Manhattan to the other. And we short folk will admit that wearing a head-turning pair of heels will always make us feel a bit better while being surrounded by long-legged model beauties. Since six-inch stilettos aren’t always the most comfortable (okay, they’re purely painful), this is where wedges come to the rescue. Made of many different materials (mainly cork), these gorgeous heel substitutes can easily take the place of uncomfortable shoes without taking away that height we all love to strut.

This Fashionista rocked a flattering pair of brown Steve Madden heels that she purchased from DSW along with a gorgeous blood orange dress. I asked her where she was headed in this incredible pair of wedges. Turns out that this Fashionista was headed for a walk through Central Park. I was astonished that she was wearing heels to take a stroll through the park, but that really got me thinking about wedges and how comfortable and convenient they really are. With wedges, you don’t have to worry about tying laces or having to deal with a broken heel — just throw them on, buckle ‘em and you’re ready to get on your way. Not to mention, they coordinate with just about every outfit you can think of. A pair of wedges would be perfect for a family barbecue or a day on the town with your girls.

Some of my favorite pairs of wedges can be found at popular shoe stores, such as DSW, ALDO or even a lower-priced store like Charlotte Russe. During the summer, Charlotte Russe runs great sales on their wedges, such as “buy one, get one for $15.” I mean how can you go wrong? Comfortable, trendy and super convenient, wedges are clearly the way to go.

Spotted: On the spring 2013 runway, Dolce & Gabbana took the wedge trend to the next level with their bright and decadent shoes featured in their show. Try out this daring trend like D&G or keep it simple with a pair of Steve Madden wedges like this Fashionista did!

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