There is something quintessentially summer about headbands. Maybe it is the hot weather; maybe it is the increasing number of music festivals. But it seems that summer just isn’t summer without a headband.

This Fashionista ditched the rather ubiquitous floral crown and opted for a turban headband. While the turban headband has been around for some time now, they seem to be increasing in popularity as of late. Brands such as Lulu Frost and Marc Jacobs have even jumped on the bandwagon and put out turban headbands of their own.

Perhaps what I love most about them is that despite their simply silhouette, every Fashionista can find a pattern or color that reflects her personality and style. Take this Fashionista, for example. Her turban headband features a tie-dye pattern that is the perfect tie in between her strappy tank top and her clashing-patterned pants. It is the headband that really unifies the outfit and makes it complete. Who knew that such a small accessory could make such a difference?

Spotted: Jason Wu certainly wooed audiences when he paired turban headbands with elegant evening dresses.

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