Shopping on one of the first warm, sunny days we’ve had this summer in northeast Ohio and have nothing to wear?  Look no further than this Fashionista’s outfit for inspiration.  Her flowy, nude dress was the perfect choice for beating the heat.  I was out shopping on this lovely summer day when I saw this Fashionista, who was also out shopping with some friends.  I think we all had the same idea to go to an open-air area lined with unique boutiques and cute restaurants instead of the mall because we wanted to soak up as many rays as we could before it started raining again.

I was beginning to realize how hot it had gotten and I was hoping there would be a trendy shop to pop into where I could browse and cool off in the AC.  And then I saw this Fashionista and thought to myself, “She was way smarter than I was when she got dressed today!”  I was instantly envious of her breezy dress and wished I hadn’t decided to wear dark-colored shorts.  From afar I could tell that her nude dress matched her neutral flat sandals but I couldn’t quite make out the accessories she had around on her wrist.  As I got closer I realized she had an arm full of Alex and Ani bracelets and I grew even greener with envy.

I have recently become obsessed with all things Alex and Ani, specifically the bangles.  So when I saw this Fashionista sporting six of them, I had to stop and admire.  Once I stopped gawking at her wrist, I introduced myself, apologized for staring and asked her where she bought all of them.  I knew I could find these bracelets at Nordstrom but that was 30 minutes away at the mall, so I was hoping and praying she’d say there was a store in the area that sold them.  Lucky for me, she pointed at a store about half a block away from where we were standing and I started walking toward it immediately. I walked in and made a beeline for the Alex and Ani display case where I spent about 20 minutes weighing my options and asking myself if I wanted a gold, silver or colored bangle.  I ended up buying more than one (one gold and two silver) because I couldn’t decide!  It was impossible to control my shopaholic’s impulse to buy.  I was just so happy to find these bracelets so close to my house.

Spotted: Simple, stackable gold bangles were featured in the fall 2013 Ana Khouri jewelry collection.  By adding a silver bangle from the Michael Kors fall 2013 jewelry collection, you can mix and match the colors of the bangles you wear, which is a common theme for Alex and Ani wearers!

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