ACCESSORIES REPORT: And The Weatherman Says…

As the season begins to change here in Ames, we have days where the weather just can’t make up its mind. It might be crisp and chilly when you leave for class in the morning but by the time 2:00 p.m. rolls around, you’re probably sweating in the sun. Dressing for the day is not exactly easy! Though you could dress in layers as my mother always used to tell me as a kid, it's sort of a pain lugging around a big sweater from one corner of campus to the other; us college students have enough to carry with us. However, the Fashionista I found this week brilliantly used her accessories to carry her through a day of changing weather.

A lightweight infinity scarf, like the one utilized by this week’s Fashionista, is a perfect way to maintain comfort, despite the season. When the temperature is colder, it provides necessary warmth to any outfit. But when the day gets rolling, the fabric is lightweight enough that you won’t be too warm out in the sun. On top of it’s functionality, a light scarf is also practical; you can just throw it on, and if you do happen to get too warm, take it off and tie it on your bag. Two accessories in one! Some of my favorites, ranging from basic to busy patterns, have been found at Topshop, Madewell and Lilly Pulitzer.

There are other methods of adjusting to weather changes during the day as well. Vests are very transitional because they're an extra layer for warmth in the brisk morning hours but they don’t have a sleeve, which makes it more breathable than a sweater or long sleeve T-shirt. Hats, no matter the style, provide a surprising amount of heat in cold weather but can always be removed, or be worn simply as a fashion statement.

Spotted: Custo Barcelona’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear line displays scarves with all different lengths and fabrics showing their true versatility.

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ACCESSORIES REPORT: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

In my times of Fashionista’s block, I look to others’ styles for inspiration: on the streets, in magazines and in my mom’s closet. Sometimes though, I like to look back for insight from other eras. And who better to inspire than the always classy Audrey Hepburn? Her outfits showcase her love of powerful simplicity and, of course, Tiffany’s.

This Fashionista channeled her inner-Hepburn by choosing a Tiffany’s turquoise as the staple color of her outfit. This bold layered necklace transforms her basic white tank top and matches her J.Crew shorts. This necklace is another way you could personalize your outfit. Colored shorts and pants are also huge right now and the range of colors lets you reflect your individuality. Try my favorite ones from Madewell in a bright blue. Choosing happy colors, like this turquoise, is the perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather.

This Fashionista’s pearl ring and Michael Kors watch are timeless and simple, keeping the focus on the statement necklace. The ring is also made up of little pearls, the universal symbol for chic. These three accessories show that you don’t need a lot to change up an outfit — in fact, the simplicity is what drew me towards this Fashionista’s style. Try a ring like this one, or this Betsey Johnson cheetah watch. You could even add another pop of color by wearing a pink watch instead.

She completes the look with black Tory Burch ballet flats. Simple and classy — Audrey would approve!

Spotted: Bib necklaces in Badgley Mischka’s fall 2010 collection. Statement made, ladies.

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ACCESSORIES REPORT: Beat The Rainy Day Blues

Lately we have been spoiled in Athens with the blue skies and warm weather, but we all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Since I had just become used to to my spring clothes, it was an adjustment when the temperatures dropped and the rain began. But don’t let the rain get you down; Fashionistas can still create a trendy rain outfit.

This Fashionista perfected her rainy day style with traditional Hunter wellies, leggings and a chambray shirt. Hunter boots can be spotted on many girls around campus because they can be worn year round. Not only are they suitable for these spring showers, but they also have colorful fleece sock inserts for the winter cold. Although this Fashionista stuck to a neutral tan, Hunter boots are available in a wide variety of colors, which pop on a dreary day.

I love how this Fashionista has one pop of color in her outfit with an orange tribal bangle. This is the perfect amount of color for a rainy day. By pairing her traditional wellies with a casual chambray shirt, this Fashionista will stay comfortable all day. Rain boots are an easy way to make a statement on a rainy day, so whether you stick to traditional wellies or a patterned pair, rain boots are an essential for any CollegeFashionista.

Spotted: At their fall 2012 show, Burberry kept rainwear sleek and sophisticated.

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It seems the sun in Pullman has definitely brought out the Fashionistas in full form as they escape from their bundled-up attire. On this sunny day, I hit the Fashionista jackpot! This CollegeFashionista exudes beauty and has conquered the college fashion secret all of us strive to achieve: mixing designer with bargain finds. You would never be able to tell, but this Fashionista is rocking everything from designer pieces to vintage jean shorts she created on her own. Head to toe she is simply fabulous. I have to note I love her hair pulled back as it totally looks chic and highlights her outfit. I think Fashionistas underestimate the effect that a minimal hairstyle can have on their overall appeal. This Fashionista is beautiful in all forms.

Everything she paired together was perfect. Her simple zip top from Canadian born store Aritzia paired with a sheer white button-up from Nordstrom was a combination that was simple but sexy. Add the faux fur vest from Nordstrom (I am downright obsessed with this), and you have a recipe that makes any Fashionista proud. She paired her amazing faux fur vest and top with even more creative jean shorts. It’s so easy to do; head to your local Goodwill or consignment store and craft an old pair of jeans into trendy high-waitsed shorts. You can wear them casually with a T-shirt, or dress them up like this Fashionista! It also seems as though Jeffrey Campbell shoes are the brand of choice at Washington State University as she is rocking the Lita’s flawlessly. Not to mention, she pieced her jewelry exactly how a chic Fashionista should. Her drop dangle earrings and large stone rings from H&M totally prove that this Fashionista can mix luxury and bargain and still be absolutely gorgeous! It is all a game of balancing your amazing designer pieces and mixing them with the fast paced trend. There is nothing not to love about this Fashionista!

Spotted: Rachel Zoe's fall 2012 line shows off how to wear your faux fur in fabulous style!

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Everyone has their own personal fashion rule, whether it is “less is more” or Coco Chanel’s infamous “take off one accessory before leaving the house” rule. As an accessory reporter, I am a big believer in the bigger the better. I definitely have a huge weak spot for chunky or oversized accessories and I do not plan on curing this addiction!

Sometimes you need a big pop of glamour to make a bold outfit shine instead of piling on all the little accessories. This week’s Fashionista had an absolutely stunning outfit with bold textures. Her long sleeve denim shirt went perfectly with her black lace skirt. To top it all off, she wore a pair of black suede strappy wedge sandals to make her a triple threat in texture.

When wearing an outfit with different types of textures, you are already making a loud statement; therefore, it is important to put on accessories that accent the outfit and disorganize it. And this Fashionista could not do this any better! Her oversized purple wooden earrings matched the cool toned denim while making a bold statement. What I loved even more about her earrings are that they were wooden and also contributed to her textured look.

Oversized earrings are a must-have in every Fashionista’s wardrobe and a great way to add some change to your look. It is also a great way to spruce up a casual outfit or add the perfect finishing touch for a more formal occasion. The possibilities are endless!

Spotted: Balenciaga’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear show incorporated big and bold colored earrings.

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ACCESSORIES REPORT: A Fresh Position on Transition

As the old joke goes, “What did Father Sorin say when he arrived to Notre Dame’s future campus in the fall of 1842?” “We’ll just stay here until the weather gets better.” The University of Notre Dame is known for many things; from our collegiate football tailgates to our stellar academics. However, the gray cloud that seems to lurk over campus in a continuous streak of bad weathered days is not on the “best of” list. The number of bright, clear days in South Bend are limited, so one must take full advantage when waking up to sunshine streaming through the dorm window. As Notre Dame’s students found themselves amidst one of these rare occasioned sun-filled days this past week, the hustle and bustle of outside activity picked up. Students flocked to the Frisbee filled quads to catch some rays and enjoy the heat wave. However, campus was not all fun and games and class time rolled around, and this week’s Fashionista seamlessly perfected this transition.

The spotlighted student was seen on campus sporting an ideal ensemble both for staying comfortable during study time inside and for an active take on the beautiful day outside. She opts for a pair of classic capri-length leggings to start her outfit, and pairs them with her favorite pair of tennis shoes. This high-quality legging by lululemon has been alternatively spotted around campus this winter as a staple item duo with durable boots. To continue her sporty look, this Fashionista layers a fit tank under a breathable half-zipped pullover; perfectly lightweight for the warm climate.

To try this transitional look, pull off the light layered look with sporty staples of your own with your favorite pair of yoga pants. For an interesting twist, trade out your go-to black cotton headband for a dynamically printed headwrap this spring season. Being able to adapt is key as a college student, and this principle may apply when it comes to decision making in our dress. As the sun came out this week, layers were peeled off and an on-the-go mindset was embraced by the student population.

Spotted: On the DKNY runway, the concept of light layers is brought to a new level through the bold highlight of sleek outerwear. 

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While everyone’s fashion perspective may still be preoccupied with raging neon’s, radiating color blocks and accessories of bold and bright hues, a fresh, new palette is starting to join neon’s infamous ranks. Although many have a skewed perspective that pale is out and glowing is in (at least in terms of skincare), pastels that scream bowls of ice cream and decorated Easter eggs have broken the stereotype.

Winter has always been associated with all black everything, saving light pinks, yellows, greens and even white for the sunny days of spring. However, lightening the winter doldrums with a pop of pastel has become all the rage. This Fashionista incorporates a feminine hue of lavender into her otherwise androgynous ensemble. By embracing neutrality, this Fashionista utilizes her Rebecca Minkoff sorbet satchel to feminize her Romeo & Juliet motorcycle jacket and matching Michael Kors leather gloves.

For this season, everything from clothes and accessories to even nail polish and hairstyles are taking a lighter, fresh look. So while the weather outside may be somewhat frightful, adding pastels too your look will make it nothing but delightful.

Spotted: An array of baby blues, mint greens and cotton candy pinks danced down the spring 2012 runways of Balmain, Giambattista Valli and Erdem. From flirty dresses to chic clutches and killer stilettos, take your dark and bold look and make it a little bit sweeter.

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