When colder weather comes around, sometimes even the best Fashionistas fall into a style rut. The basic denim on the bottom that carries us through the season feels all too familiar day after day. Even leggings and tights become go-to pieces paired with skirts and dresses. This week’s Fashionista has found an escape from the usual winter attire.

With an eclectic, urban style, this Fashionista puts a twist on typical winter legwear by pairing fuzzy thigh-high socks with a high-hem dress. These socks are heavyweight enough to feel like the equivalent of a pair of leggings, but add a unique, feminine flair on any outfit. The exposed area of the leg between the hem and the top of the sock is just enough to add a bit of interest to an outfit.

Thigh-high socks are a great addition to a winter wardrobe because they serve multiple purposes. They provide warmth and protection against the cold. In other words, they enable more wear of dresses during the colder months! On the other hand, they're covetable accessory, adding an additional factor into outfits. They're sure to be eye-catching! A fuzzy sock with a casual pattern can be worn with a knit dress to class on an average day. With a thinner, shinier sock, an outfit can be transformed into a special occasion look. Free People has a wide variety of thigh-high socks, ranging from a heavier weight sweater sock to a lightweight knit sock.

Spotted: John Galliano’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear line featured thigh-high socks in a number of colors.

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ACCESSORIES REPORT: Bags Are A Girl’s Best Friend

When you think of fall, colors like orange, brown and mustard yellow instantly come to mind. But just because it is getting colder outside does't not mean you have to let go of your favorite bright colors. You don't even have to necessarily put away your tanks or shorts yet. A fun challenge to try this fall is how to transform your summer items into a fall wardrobe.

What I loved about this Fashionista’s look is that she was able to have the best of both worlds. She took a bright casual v-neck and paired it with a classic black leather jacket, but what finished the look off for me was her bright green bag. Bags are the greatest accessory because they have the ability to add so much character to a look that can originally be seen as nothing out of the ordinary.

A girl can never have too many bags. Cross-body bags are my personal favorite right now because you can throw your essentials in and be on the move. You do not have to worry but your arm getting tired or your purse getting in the way.

There are also many different colors, prints, and fabrics to choose from. You can wear an Aztec print bag for a day shopping and then grab a chic leather black bag for dinner. The greatest thing about bags is that they do not have to perfectly match your outfit. The same bag can go with 90% of the outfits in your closet, but that never stops us from buying more.

Layers are so important for the fall. Take your favorite bright tank top from the summer, throw a black cardigan on top and add a scarf that has the accent color in your tank top. If you still want to wear your shorts, add lace tights. To finish the look you can wear a bag that goes along with the color scheme or take a page out of this Fashionista’s book and grab a bag that is a less traditional and more of a statement piece.

Spotted: Bright, patterned handbags were featured on the runway in Prada’s fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection.



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So, I’m completely guilty of having an extensive “Do It Yourself” board on Pinterest but never making time to actually complete any of the projects that I’ve pinned. However, summer is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the D.I.Y. projects that caught your eye while you were busy with a full class and workload during the hectic school year. 

This Fashionista found a creative and crafty way to recycle her old unwanted T-shirts. She began making necklaces and headbands out of the many shirts she’s accumulated during her college career. While this Fashionista had several killer accessories on, including a pair of Ray-Bans, a Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-body bag and an “arm party” of accessories, she let her multicolored D.I.Y. statement piece remain the focal point of her ensemble. She kept the rest of her outfit minimal by pairing together a belted lightweight T-shirt, cropped jeans and nude wedges.

This summer get crafty and try a few D.I.Y. projects. Some fun projects I have come across include this bracelet tutorial and a bow sandal tutorial. Crafting your own accessories will give any outfit a unique personal touch that can’t be bought in a store. This Fashionista even set up an Etsy shop so her friends and family can purchase her one of a kind accessories.

Spotted: L.A.M.B’s spring 2012 collection featured a lot of collars on their tops and dresses, but you can make one yourself with these tutorials.

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ACCESSORIES REPORT: Read Between the Lines

Vertical, horizontal, diagonal. Stripes have been one of those patterns that are some people’s favorites and others' worst fears. From work wear pinstripes to black and white Parisian inspired ones, stripes have a transcendent, trendy worthy quality.

With a little shimmer and a bunch of color, this jailhouse look is no longer meant for only those behind bars. This Fashionista radiates with her bright green and black striped silk shirt. Perfect to add a pop of color to a dark, rainy day, she pairs this blouse with simple black leggings and boots.

Since her shirt is the focal piece of her ensemble, she accessorizes subtly with a feminine watch and delicate bracelets. Her Chanel stoned bangle and Hamsa bracelet coordinate in color and simplicity.

Pick the right colors, and be careful to accessorize appropriately. Warning: red and white stripes mixed with a beanie and oversized glasses can leave you less street savvy and a liitle more Where’s Waldo.

Spotted: Tory Burch, Tsumori Chisato and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac cast stripes down their spring 2012 runway collections. Whether separates or full frocks, an array of stripes in a variety of colors and thicknesses were everything from nautical to athletic.

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I’ve always said that you can really tell a guy knows what he’s doing by the shoes he wears. Everything else could just be a very fortunate fluke. Once I determined that this Fashionisto’s footwear was up to par, I couldn’t help but notice the stand-out accessory that had completely fell by the wayside in my sizing up — his aviator sunglasses. The sunglasses are so on point that I expected to see Tom Cruise circa “Top Gun” era as his sidekick.

Aviator sunglasses were created in the late 30s by Bausch & Lomb, modernly known as Ray-Ban, to keep the glaring sun out of pilots’ eyes. As with every major trend, function has turned into fashion and throughout the decades we have made the aviation essentially our own, styling them with everything from leather to lace. Sunglasses, especially aviators, are spectacular for both men and women and can easily be deemed that accessory that turns the whole outfit around.

This Fashionisto would have still been on target without the aviators (I mean, look at his shoes), but because he paired his specs with sleek slacks and a pop of color, everything about his ensemble can be summed up with just the word “cool.” Another huge lesson we can all take away from him is “it’s not what you have, but how you wear what you have.” Instead of bundling up, this Fashionisto bore the breeze and wore his peacoat open. A simple adjustment? Yes, but also an outfit game-changer.

Spotted: Vera Wang's collection at Kohl's, Simply Vera, has a line of unisex aviator sunglasses.

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Upon returning back to school I am always so excited to see my friends, my sorority sisters, and of course, wear all my new clothes to class. However, the month of September is usually spent in letters, T-shirts, and tanks that promote “Greek Life” on campus.  I’m not complaining about being able to wear these various articles of clothing but with so many girls on campus wearing similar outfits it gets hard to make sure that you’re standing out on campus.

While going about my day and pondering what kind of accessory I would want to include in my next article I spotted a Fashionista who had pulled off the impossible task of being able to stand out in a sea of Alpha, Delta, Sigma, Theta, Kappa, Zeta and so on. The first thing I noticed about this week’s Fashionista was her striking red hair and the bohemian inspired headband that she had in it. Cream in color and then complemented with lacy flowered applique, this accessory made her recognizably different compared to the mass amount of college students that surrounded her during the 12:05 lunch rush. Although the headband is what first caused me to notice her, other accessories that she was wearing also stood out. When she told me that her sunglasses actually belonged to her mom in college, I was impressed. I love how she could pair something old-school vintage like her shades with such a shiny and new Michael Kors watch.

You don’t need to be “Greek” to take a hint from this week’s Fashionista as she shows how important it is to always make any style your own and how a pretty and girly accent can make you unique.

Spotted: For their fall 2010 collection, Prada became a trendsetter of the headband by sending numerous looks down the runway that featured the accessory. Following this many brands have picked up on the look. Try this Juicy Couture headband in your next outfit and really stand out.

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