ACCESSORIES REPORT: ’90s Are Boldly Back

The 1990s: an amazing decade. This decade brought us the birth of Nickelodeon, Furbies, Bop-Its, 7th Heaven, American Pie and many other nostalgia that we still refer back to today. While we may not have seen a complete fashion throwback of the '90s (we can do without the big hair), there are different parts of the '90s that have come back into fashion in a subtle manner without completing taking away from our current established fashion of the 10’s (wow, scary to say!).

This fashionista is emboding a mix of current and '90s trends. The neon and lace top from LF is very old school, however, the addition of her dip-dye shorts, a more recent trend give a good balance between the two. Finally, her accessories, the Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody and her Forever 21 leopard print scrunchie are classics from the '90s that never go out. Anyone remember the Ralph Lauren crossbodies from that time?

There are many ways to add '90s vibes to outfits. From the subtle to bold, there is a range for everyone. Neon bags are a great statement and are perfect for those summer music festivals. Chunky belts with a modern twist are a reminder of the Full House days. A scrunchie is cute to wear on your wrist (or to actually wear in your hair!). Old school Converse are another cute way to feel like a kid again. Finally, crop tops and tie dye are probably the most familiar ways to feel nostalgic

Spotted: Tie-Dye in Milly's spring 2009 Show.

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