I'll be the first to admit that GW is definitely lacking some of the true collegiate spirit — with an absent football team, copious amounts of concrete clearly dominating the lack of available green space and an overly ambitious student body (think internships on internships on internships), sometimes it feels like we're living in less of a dormitory environment and more of, well, the real world.

Yet, while we may not be that quintessential Harvard, Yale or Brown (okay, so we're also lacking in that small “Ivy League” factor), with a serious dominance of New Englander's and East Coast natives, it's hard to escape the collared shirts and plaid shorts of preppy days past.

This Fashionista sports one of the perfect seasonal transition pieces, a vest, in a picnic plaid pattern that screams classic Americana. Whether Ralph Lauren (like this Fashionista's) or Tommy Hilfiger (two staple all-American designers), Ivy League inspired polos, sundresses and of course, vests, make it easy to create an ensemble that's ready for a day at the races.

Despite the earthy tones, preppy plaid and gilded crest of this Fashionista's vest, she strays away from looking too golf-match ready. Layering her vest over a solid mustard colored top and black leggings (hello GW girl staple!), she maintains a balanced mix of casual and cool. Keeping with her Atlanta upbringing, this southern belle rocks a pair of ankle cowboy boots, proving trends of the north and south can indeed blend together.

So while school may still be on for another month or so, this newfound weather proves it's not too early to dream of those clam bakes in Nantucket or summer nights in the Hamptons. Grab those Vineyard Vines signature whale patterned shorts, that Ralph Lauren button-down or that Lilly Pulitzer sundress adorned with martini glasses and hit the Georgetown waterfront — it's the closest thing we have to a beach right now.

Spotted: Prep school stripes, archetypal crests and American flag hues set sail across the spring 2012 runways of Milly, Sacai and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Thick and bold stripes, plaids and patterns that radiate Martha's Vineyard vibes, combined with yacht-approved clothing in nautical colors and an array of anchors are perfect to jump-start the wet hot American summer that lies ahead.

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