ACCESSORIES REPORT: A Little Thanksgiving Flair

When the holidays begin to roll around, especially Thanksgiving, I always keep my eyes peeled for an outfit that will be great for a long day with the family. The day doesn’t usually include much activity (except for eating a lot) but it is always a good day to look your best, because in my family a lot of photos are taken! I always strive for the perfect combination of casual yet stylish.

I spotted this Fashionista on her way back from lecture. I stopped her to snag a quick photo before she headed off to her office job. After she told me she was going to work, I understood why her outfit worked so well. It was a versatile outfit for a casual setting like class or a day in the office or at an internship. Her outfit was the perfect balance of style for a big family gathering. She makes it work with a pair of black straight leg pants and leopard print round toed flats. Her oxford shirt with a twist adds contrast with white collars and cuffs. The accessory that sets the outfit apart is the chunky necklace that she’s wearing. The addition of the piece breaks up the sleekness of the rest of her outfit and adds a certain edgy and unique charm to her ensemble.

If you’re looking to find a similar holiday look check out this Free People piece that adds both sparkle and personality. If you spend some time on Etsy you can find tons of different styles of homemade chunky necklaces that would be a good addition to any holiday outfit. This one in particular would look nice for a Thanksgiving get together because of the autumn-like tones of brown and amber in the beading. For something with a bit more color, try on this Urban Outfitters rhinestone collar and pair it with a simple black sweater dress, tights and boots.

Spotted: Monnari debuting chunky, collar necklaces in Poland’s fall 2011 fashion week.

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