ACCESSORIES REPORT: Add Some Antique Charm

Most students on BU campus are not just going to a couple of lectures, here and there.  They are juggling rigorous course schedules, work studies, babysitting gigs, volunteer work, a variety of clubs and internships. For so many activities and so many things to do throughout the day, Boston U’s Fashionistas are transforming professional looks into versatile outfits that they can wear for a variety of events.

I loved this Fashionista’s look for going to her internship. First of all she is utilizing winter white in a great way! Her cream colored boyfriend blazer stands out over a basic, black, long sleeved T-shirt. Her black and white shorts look like a simple striped pair, but upon a closer look they have an intricate pattern that adds even more character to her ensemble. Paired with tights and black boots, this is a perfect, fashionable work-appropriate outfit!

I’ve always loved antique items which couple a little bit of old with a modern and chic look. This belt does just that. The detail on the belt is beautiful, with a stone in the middle and metal embellishment. Adding the right amount of color and tying the whites in from other pieces makes this belt a perfect addition. It also divides her body in a very flattering way, cinching the shorts so that they hit higher on the waist. If you are looking for a similar trend, I suggest you check out Urban Outfitters for this Victorian buckle belt. You could try this belt from Forever 21 with a high-waisted black skirt and a lacy shirt. To spice up your outfit for the long days when you’re going to different activities, choose an antique belt to add some detail and flair!

Spotted: Although it's not just one designer, check out this awesome compilation video of belts on the runway!

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