ACCESSORIES REPORT: Add Some Shape To Your Daily Look

Carrying around that oversized, Mary Poppins like bag can tend to make our lives feel cluttered and unorganized. It is deceiving to have that much space, normally resulting in an excess five pounds hanging from your shoulder. A nice change up from a large shoulder bag, can be a downsized, more simplified cross-body purse. They are great for running errands, going to class, and especially when going out at night. They are possibly the greatest comeback since a wristlet when it comes to hitting the town; you are absolutely hands free and it is nearly impossible to lose your belongings.

This year, there is a different variation from the usual cross-body making an appearance all over designer’s fall look books. The box bag, as featured in Elle as a accessories trend for this season.  I was excited when I bumped in to this particular Fashionista because the style of her box bag was exactly what I was envisioning. It has a more casual look to it (perfect for class) with an added touch of elegance due to the gold detailing. It’s a great size to fit your wallet, a camera, cell phone, and some lip gloss. As if the bag isn't brilliant enough, her mix of fall colors in her outfit is awesome. I love the bright red shorts paired with the purple top and a thick black suede wedge; all of which accessories I’ve written about in the past semester. This Fashionista has exactly the look that I would love to find every week! 

You can be sure to find a box bag at your favorite store in this upcoming season;  some of mine including Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Recently added to my online shopping bag, is this J.Crew box bag. I love the two-toned look between the leopard print and the black leather, it would be such a cool accessory to add along with any outfit. Box bags are definitely a great accessory to invest in if you're looking for a new cross-body bag. They can be styled in any way you like and give you hopeful longevity until next season!

Spotted: Tory Burch fall Handbag Collection.

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