ACCESSORIES REPORT: All About the Earmuffs

I know the question we all want answered is: when is it going to snow? By some stroke of luck, those of us in the Northeast have not been hit by a snow storm yet. It has been nice having warm weather to walk to class, but it just doesn’t feel like winter without the snow. When the snow comes it will come quickly and harshly, so you need to be prepared.

I stopped this Fashionista on the street because of her great winter accessories. Her outfit was casual yet also fit together quite nicely. Her BCBG coat is a perfect jacket for the days when it is not so frigid out. With leather trim and a unique diagonal zipper this bomber-esque jacket is a great addition to any wardrobe. Her shoes match the theme of her outfit as well, with metal studded tips and black suede. The final piece she was sporting was a pair of plaid earmuffs. Earmuffs are one of the most practical yet trendy pieces to sport in the winter. The forest green knit gives this Fashionista’s outfit a bit of color that complements her outfit well.

If you’re looking for a pair of earmuffs for the winter weather check out these Nordic earmuffs from Francesca’s Collections. If you want a twist on the everyday earmuff take a look at American Eagle for a pair with headphones included! For something really warm, and for the days you feel like looking even more chic take a look at this pair from Barney’s New York.

Spotted: The Alexandar Wang fall 2011 runway show has models sporting lots of fur and earmuffs to keep warm.

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