From silver accessories to cheetah accents, this Fashionista went out into the world making a statement. The accessories that this Fashionista used were chunky but made a huge difference in the simple outfit she had on.

This Fashionista wore a black American Apparel top, high-waisted American Apparel jeans, topped with suede Steve Madden loafers.The outfit was simple and cute on its own, and it's the perfect thing to throw on when you're out to class or on your way to shop. To decorate the outfit the Fashionista wore a silver Michael Kors watch, a silver chunky necklace and an armful of silver bangles. Usually I prefer gold and colored accessories, but she incorporated the silver so perfectly with the outfit.

Want to go out and try this trend? Incorporate large silver accessories into your outfit, like a silver cuff and bangle. A chunky Peter Pan necklace can also give the outfit a very feminine dynamic. Let's not forget the watch; try a silver-faced watch so you can be sure to tell time in style. Whichever accessory you choose to incoroprate in your outfit you will definitely make a statement! Silver is the new black and it's coming back in style. So be the first to try out this trend. 

Spotted: A silver statement necklace in Kate Spade’s fall 2012 collection

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