ACCESSORIES REPORT: Living The American Dream

On a scale from one to John F. Kennedy, this is the most American thing I have ever seen. It is also the most amazing.

Sure, we just passed our nation’s day of independence and are nearing the Olympic games, so American pride is running on high. Many of us try to show our spirit by subtly pairing red and blue together, or maybe putting our flags up. But why be so subtle? This Fashionisto won’t be threatened by some delicate hints of our nation’s colors. He supports the USA with the valiance and grit of both a true American and Fashionisto.

This shirt is an accessory, an outfit, and the epitome of the American dream all rolled into one cotton-blend, button-down brimming with pride and independence. My adoration of this shirt compares to that of Fashion Week because it shows the passion and confidence of a true Fashionisto. Aside from the shirt, however, this Fashionisto keeps his other accessories understated in a manner that still enhances the boldness of his shirt. He is wearing Costa del Mar sunglasses with croakies that mirror the classic, minimalistic style of his Pulsar watch.

This Fashionisto’s Harding-Lane hat showcases a preppy shark, mirroring the similar sea animals lined on his belt. I love how he makes his many accessories flow by wearing different shades of the same color. To try some more fun in red, white and blue, you can find red belts and blue croakies at Southern Tide.

If there is anything I love more than America, it is a closet full of cashmere and a man with good shoes. Naturally, I was drawn towards these Cole Haan driving shoes that enhance the homegrown, trend-setting appeal of this Fashionisto. He goes from runway to sidewalk in an entire outfit.

What do William Shakespeare and today’s Fashionisto have in common? The motto of life: “Be not afraid of greatness.” We are Americans, after all.

Spotted: Joyrich American flag shorts and spandex suit (talk about bold) at Los Angeles Fashion Week spring 2011.


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