ACCESSORIES REPORT: Au Natural, S’il Vous Plait!

For our generation, sometimes the only memories of nature that we have include butterfly clips, tree poses or microwavable s’mores. Though I’m not one to discriminate against molten marshmallows, I felt deprived of the Great Outdoors this past summer and decided to make a conscious effort to reintroduce myself to my green surroundings. After putting my pine-scented candles away and changing into my best floral print, I approached my parents and declared, “I want to plant some flowers.” My father, a man with a brilliant green thumb and a knack for growing vegetables, looked skeptical but accompanied me to our local nursery anyway, staying out of my business as I delicately debated shrubs, bushes and blossoms. Three hours and four flower pots later, I was standing on my driveway soaking wet, admiring my connection to Mother Nature and my brilliant planting job (if I do say so myself).

Feeling green can extend to fashion too through the use of prints and textures. Today’s Fashionista gives us her best rustic impression, dabbling with denim and shades of green to transmit an outdoorsy vibe. She proudly displays her moccasins, a New England staple that is definitely underrated, a plain white tee and a bow headband, making a saccharine statement of sheer genius.  The frontispiece of her outfit is her vintage messenger bag, complete with a forest green hue and soft leather. While this outfit would look hokey on some, this Fashionista subtly tips her hat to nature and transforms from FernGully to fabulous.

When embracing natural prints—that is, camouflage, shades of green or even frolicking livestock—it is important to start slowly. Add key accessories, like a fabulous coat or simple flats, to enhance an ensemble in subtle ways, or you might risk being mistaken for a tree by an unassuming dog. Leave a bit of your green side to the imagination and take it one step at a time; It’s only natural!

Spotted: Dries Van Noten and Mulberry are completely baring it all with shows that makes you want to run outside and embark on a safari.


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