ACCESSORIES REPORT: Back to the Backpack

Who ever said backpacks were uncool? In past semesters I have looked around campus and seen the fashion-forward boys and girls who have chosen to eliminate the backpack and replace it with a cross-body messenger bag or a canvas tote. Recently, I have noticed the re-emergence of backpacks on the streets of Boston, but these aren’t just your run of the mill “I ride the yellow bus to public school” backpacks. These are backpacks with style.

As you can see, this Fashionista really knows her stuff. First of all, the bright concord grape color brings attention to any passerby. Second, the Marc Jacobs stitching gives it a unique feel and look compared to the ordinary bag. Although backpacks aren’t considered to be the most versatile accessories to wear for different occasions, this backpack allows for a spectrum of outfits because it is made of only one material. The Marc Jacobs book bag fits right in with this Fashionista’s choice of a feminine and flirty Chantilly lace top contrasted by her rugged lace-up boots. On the other hand, she could also be seen sporting the backpack with a chiffon dress and cardigan.

When shopping for a backpack try to stray from the classic JanSport and The North Face. Go for something that displays a bit more personality since you’ll be using it for class frequently. Pick a bold color like this Urban Outfitters bag — it calls attention in a sea of brown and black leather. An unconventional shape also differentiates you from your classmates, like this OeTZI rucksack. For weekend trips home or to a different city, pick out this Lucky Brand printed backpack that adds instant style to travelling.

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