ACCESSORIES REPORT: Big Dark Sunglasses Celebrity Style

Even if Ray-Ban sunglasses have been on the world’s scene for more than 70 years, big sunglasses never stopped to be cool. The bigger they are, the better the effect that they make on a street look. You can use them in summer to protect your eyes from sun rays and you can wear them in winter’s sunny days just to be cool. Whether new or vintage (just think, they could be hidden in your grandmother's closet), oversized sunglasses are a timeless accessory; classic icon Grace Kelly used to wear them back in the '50s with infinite class.

This Fashionista chose a gorgeous model from Gucci’s collection and combined them with a lovely blue coat. The shape of her sunglasses is an irregular circle that partially covers her face, from her eyebrows to her cheeks. Celebrities often use big dark sunglasses to cover their identity in public places; Madonna is a big fan of this accessory and she uses it very often when she does not want to be recognized. She also designed her own pair for Dolce & Gabbanna. Similarly, Katie Holmes taught little Suri to put them on, and they have been often shot together wearing sunglasses. Fashion icon Victoria Beckam cannot leave the house without them as well. She is the perfect icon for this accessory as it shows her own line of eyewear.

While some people prefer them colored, like Lacoste’s new collection, others like a more vintage look, found at places like

Spotted: Moschino's spring/summer 2012’s runway is the inspiration for all Fashionistas who want to get ready for the summer with an amazing pair of big-dark sunglasses. 

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