According to my experience, Milan was filled with dandy men. They city was flushed with fashionable people, especially gentlemen dressed in their own unique style. Ever since my experience abroad in Europe I’ve begun to be drawn to the appeal of menswear fashion. Now, when I spot men wearing loafers, desert boots, rolled up ankle pants and/or blazers, they make my camera shutter speed.

When I left Europe, however, I was not anticipating seeing a replay of Europe's polished Fashionistos in the states. Little did I know, I would discover a Fashionisto here, channeling his own version of a dandy European fashion. The simple and chic minimalism look of this Fashionisto grabbed my Europe-withdrawling attention. The clean, muted houndstooth print on the Fashionistos blazer seems to flawlessly balance the dark colored hues of the overall look. He also shows his sense of style by sporting a hint of neon trend on his desert boots from Clarks, while staying classy with his choice of accessories, by wearing a vintage gold watch.

Like this Fashionisto, try channeling your own version of the minimal, polished look for this summer season. You can simply achieve this look by topping your overall look with a blazer of your choice, like this Fashionisto. You can find good quality blazers at J.Crew and/or Zara, to spice up your minimal look. As for shoes and accessories, try shopping at J.Crew for your own pair of desert boots and a watch. If you prefer playful watches over the simple, find your watch at Swatch for an eye-catching accessory for your arms.

There are no right or wrong ways in sporting a minimal look, so don’t be scared to celebrate the season by throwing a blazer over your simple t-shirt and pants. Oh! And remember to throw a stylish arm party for your watch-less arms!

Spotted: Gucci spring 2012 menswear features blazer fashion.

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