It’s a beautiful thing that today’s Fashionistas live in a world where we can travel back to say, thE '70s, without having to metamorphose into full blown grassroots gurus. Lucky for us, all we need is to add a few simple accents to an outfit to bring us back to the days of Woodstock and social revolutions.

Today’s Fashionista wore two different headbands around her forehead for a boho-chic feel. I love how she wasn’t afraid to mix silver and gold, two metallic hues people often have an aversion to combining. Look at Etsy for some handmade and vintage double-stranded braided headbands in a variety of metallic shades. Her hair, an accessory in itself, is wavy and natural, emanating the hippie-esque look.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is that each of her accessories complements the other. The bag, the jewelry and the sandals all have a similar turquoise tint that brings each separate piece together for one cohesive outfit. The silver-accented jewelry mimics the silver in the headband, while the touch of gold on her braided sandals mimics the gold braids. If you are fearful of mixing metallic, try this Fashionista’s approach and add more than one accessory with a similar shade so the color repeats throughout your outfit.

Today’s Fashionista fearlessly rocked multiple pieces of jewelry, staying true to the overall bohemian feel of her style. Her turquoise satchel bag is relaxed and practical and is a bold piece that brings the entire outfit together.

Spotted: Both turquoise and bohemian-inspired prints on the BCBG spring 2012 runway.

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