ACCESSORIES REPORT: Boots to Battle the Winter Weather

As the snow begins to fall, those leather boots, flats and even UGGs just won’t do for resistance to the wet, slippery, ice cold. Though you may think that rain boots are only to be worn for that one obvious occasion, when paired with a thick pair of socks like this Fashionista, they’re great in the snow and winter weather as well. Burberry and all, this style icon has it going on with her winter apparel. She seems comfortable, warm and is able to combat the fresh powder on the ground with the waterproof material of her boots. Sounds like a perfect combination to me!

She purchased her boots at a local department store and the shoes could be found online. Some similar boots that I would recommend are Hunter Boots. They come in a wide variety of colors and look great paired with their thick wooly socks underneath for added warmth. UGGs and Sperry Top-Siders also carry great winter rain boots for you to consider investing in this holiday season.

Rain boots are a must for almost every season of the year, especially for a college student trekking all over campus. I personally love wearing mine to tailgates, in the rain and snow and even sometimes just for comfort. They provide awesome traction on the bottom of the sole, and can be easily cleaned. Try experimenting with your own pair of waterproof boots this season. Have fun with it by mixing and matching colors and layers. Be that Fashionista that gets spotted on the street next time because of your eye-catching boots!

Spotted: Winter boots on Balmain's fall 2011 runway.

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