ACCESSORIES REPORT: Bow in the Presence of Greatness

I am sure you all remember a time in the '90s where bows were the cutest thing to wear, along with your sundress and saddle shoes. They popped up all over '90s TV shows. Bow barettes were the thing to wear when you were growing out those bangs. Bows aren’t just for goody two shoes anymore, as they are popping up everywhere from the back of shirts to the back of your ponytail.

This Fashionista takes her Urban Outfitters bow to the next level. She starts off with a very classic outfit, a v-neck sweater and pants both by Ralph Lauren. She then adds a vest and leather boots. Finally, the bright pink bow adds that girly effect to her very standard outfit. Her orange Longchamp also adds the bright finishing touch to her outfit.

While many of you may be hesitant to try bow headbands, such as this Urban Outfitters one, they can really add a girly or edgy effect on a basic outfit. For those who don’t want wear bows on their head, there are bows on shirts, such as this Free People one. Classic Chanel flats always have their signature bows, and are a great addition to transition into spring. Finally, if you want the classics, you can always go for the bows straight out of 1997, with either the real deal or barettes. Oh no, here come the Clarissa Explains it all flashbacks. I wonder if Ferguson is about to jump into my window…

Spotted: Marc Jacobs used scarfs to make head bows in his spring 2012 runway show.

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