ACCESSORIES REPORT: Bright, Brighter, and Brightest!

The fashion week festivities have come to a close until next year, and I have walked away with many exciting inspirations for the upcoming semester of accessory reports. One of the main trends being fall brights. Though you may have previously thought that bright colors were only “in” during the summer months, things are quickly changing. I know that I’m thankful for that because the classic grey, black, and brown look of fall can get really boring, really fast. I love the way that this Fashionista used her very vibrant purple vest as an accessory with her tight black dress and brown boots. It adds a bold pop to her outfit while also dressing it down a little bit. My absolute favorite part about this look on this particular Fashionista is the awesome streaks of blue that she has on the bottom layer of her hair. The blue streaks are so different and creative. As if the vest doesn’t stand out already, the blue hair color makes a statement as well in only the best way possible. 

Adding a bright color palette to your fall wardrobe is such a fun way to get inspired with the usual neutral tones that the cold weather brings along with it.  InStyle Magazine featured a brilliant piece on their website this week of 15 vibrant accessories all under $100 dollars that I would personally love to be a part of my wardrobe. . Shoes are one of my favorite ways to vamp up any outfit, and it could not stand truer than this week. I love the design of these Jessica Simpson shoes that are featured in three different eclectic colors.  Jeans in any color of the rainbow are also looking out to be very savvy acceptable this fall. I am a huge fan of this fun trend as featured on this pair of Joe’s Jeans.  Celebrities have been appearing in brights for the fall all over. The best representation I’ve seen is the way that Sarah Jessica Parker rocks this very pink outfit, making it look original as ever. 

Take a look into your own closet to see what you already have; you may be pleasantly surprised as I was, rediscovering a bright green clutch from a couple summers back. You’ll notice this trend appearing all around campus over the next month, so be sure to keep an eye out for fashionista's just like this one. With the help of these tips from myself and some of the best known brands out there, you’ll have no problem in tweaking your usual fall look for a new and improved one in 2011!

Spotted: Bright colors for the fall on Nanette Lapore runway 


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