Call it the “revenge of the nerds” paradigm or whatever term you would like, but what was laughable long ago… is now very much fashionable today. 

We know that the academic bug gets to most of us more than the “bed-bugs” in Butler Library. We not only want to play the part, but look it too. For some of us, glasses are not an accessory, they're a neccessity. Yet for others, eye-glasses are one more thing to style. Lucky for you, Miss. 20/20 — people have definitely become more tolerant to those who rock the glasses, sans a prescription from the doc. 

The Fashionista I saw walking by Starbucks was confident and owning the “nerd look.”  However, her glasses were not the only great element of her ensemble. She looked very put-together with a patterned cashmere scarf, navy petticoat, black leggings and short boots.

When thinking about why Fashionistas today find the geek chic glasses trend so alluring, I considered this: unless you were the mean girl in high school, you were secretly rooting for the nerdy girl in the corner. We all were. She was sweet, unpretentious and maybe even smarter than the cheerleader who ran the place. Deep down, we kind of loved the geek-next-door. Who remembers, Laney Boggs from She's All That?

But unlike yesteryear, wearing the glasses is just as cool as not having them on. Maybe even cooler. That trite Hollywood moment, the epiphany of the woman's beauty when the glasses came off is not today's reality.

From models, to actresses and artists, to your average college students, people are rockin their extra set of eyes. Fashion visionaries, literally. 

So be that beautiful four-eyes…. and let the frames be with you! 

Spotted: Glasses and sunglasses decked the Dsquared2, Missoni, Prada and Marni 2011 runways.











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