As we move through the semester, our schedules are getting a bit tighter. Group project deadlines are quickly approaching, the holidays are on their way and the end of the semester has never looked so sweet. Motivation is on the lower end, meaning we are waking up later and later each week. While we may not be dressing like runway divas at this point in the semester, we can still be trendsetters in more casual ways.

This week’s Fashionista has played with color to create interest within a basic silhouette. Red and green are complementary colors; they're directly across from each other on a standard color wheel. With the magenta color of her sweatshirt being a combination of red and white, it complements the bright Kelly green creating a dynamic, exciting effect. With the colors being so bright, other bold hues blend into the outfit seamlessly. For example, the sky blue of the Fashionista’s belt accents central colors without stealing the spotlight. By adding a brightly colored pair of slip-on sneakers, the outfit is transformed from simple to attention-grabbing and allows other colors to come in and create even more interest.

Color can be used in so many different ways to spice up a look without necessarily taking a lot of effort. Color combinations have also been expanding in recent years. While the old rule of not mixing navy and black still applies, monochromatic is no longer the only color scheme being utilized. Some of the most unlikely color combinations—blue with yellow, purple and orange, and brown and black—are all being paired together, showing the fashion world that color is more versatile than it's sometimes thought to be. For example, J.Crew features a navy, green and red plaid button-up shirt shown with a pastel pink, purple and blue floral skirt.

Spotted: Balenciaga’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear line featured pops of unexpected color in the footwear paired with each look.

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