When I first spotted this Fashionista, it was her overall look that drew me in. I love the way she paired her cool fall maxi dress with one-of-a-kind rag & bone boots, topping off the ensemble with a suede jacket and a wild printed scarf. In every item, she keeps the color scheme quite neutral. Her look is trendy but unique and mostly edgy.

Then I saw her bag, and I was hooked! Her incredible Stella McCartney purse is comfortable and versatile, while also large enough to bring everywhere and not leave anything behind! It is the finishing touch to her innovative look. But what I love most about this bag is its chain trimming, a cool and edgy trend that has made a name for itself in the fashion world.

Chains have made their appearance on many accessories this season, from jewelry to bags, wallets and footwear. This chic addition to any accessory will update the look and give it a unique flair. Silver chains, as this Fashionista graciously exhibits, are a fabulous addition to any day outfit. For the nighttime, gold chains are a more dressy option. I personally don’t think this Fashionista could have exhibited this trend in a better find than her fabulous bag. For inspiration on how to get this chic look in accessories, check out Tory Burch’s Zip Continental wallet or some chain ankle flats. Keep your eyes peeled for chains as the stylish finishing touch to your outfit this season.

Spotted: Chloé chain link shoulder bag on the runway.

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