Disguising the fact you're painfully cold is surprisingly difficult. When the crisp, winter winds blow their gusts across campus, fingers, noses and toes everywhere are slowly freezing up, making even the most brave students wince in cold. However, this week’s Fashionisto provides a perfect example of how to embrace winter accessories all while looking fashionable and staying warm all at once.

This Fashionisto’s fuzzy, plaid scarf doubles as an indoor and outdoor accessory. The fabric is heavy enough to block the wind and cold while walking from class to class around campus. At the same time, it's lightweight enough to transition to an indoor climate when you step indoors. Not only is this item functional, but it also gives off a perfect tone of the fall and winter seasons. The color palette, featuring mustard yellow with a teal blue, has a neutral undertone to it, blending in with the gray and black mixed into the scarf. He scored his scarf at Eddie Bauer, and I found some similar styles at Forever 21 and Banana Republic.

Some of the most valuable pieces in a wardrobe are ones that can serve multiple purposes. Scarves can be entirely decorative or provide warmth and comfort. In the same exact way, hats serve those two purposes as well. Overall, the investment into a multi-purpose piece will be well worth it in the long run.

Spotted: J.Crew’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear line displays men’s scarves that are half functional, half purely for style!

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