As fashion professionals, we all know that trends come and go. One minute they're here, the next they're gone. But this week's ACCESSORIES REPORT is about more than just a fad that's on its way out the door. One trend I think everyone wants to stay for good is the collar — and I don't mean you're dogs neck accessory.

Fashion collars busted back onto the scenes in late 2011. They've been making a big statement off the runway and on college campuses. One characteristic about the collar craze that will ensure this trend sticks around for awhile is how they are so personalized. There's no such thing as a boring collar, just about every one is different.

Take this Fashionista for example, while she keeps her outfit simple to keep the focus on the accessories, her collar screams “look at me!” and we all do. Golden studs and leopard print is the perfect combination and she looks stylish while rocking an accessory she made herself. She definitely does this DIY collar justice and makes it look so effortless.

Because collars are fairly new to the scene, most stores don't carry them which makes them a huge candidate for a DIY. Not to fret, DIY collars are fun, quick and more importantly, cheap. Just stop by your local thrift store and find a few men's collared shirts. They're really cheap at thrift stores and because collar shirts aren't so good when re-used a lot, most of the shirts will more than likely still be new. Make sure the collars on the shirt are stiff and will be able to hold whatever you decide to put on them. When you get home cut along the seam that attaches the collar to shirt. You should still have one button at the top to make sure you can close your collar when you wear it. Next, add any craft you'd like. This Howard honey added 3/4″ golden dome studs to her leopard collar. You can buy inexpensive studs of all colors and sizes on eBay and Think outside of the box and be creative when it comes to your collar. Try adding different things such as pearls, beads and even glitter. Make this an opportunity to be creative and have fun.

For those of you who rather keep the glue off of your fingers, try shopping at vintage shops to find collars or you can find them on eBay.

When wearing your collar, try not to make your outfit clash. If you're collar has five different colors in it, don't wear five different colors in your outfit. Be more on the simple side but still chic and stylish. You want to make your collar look like a cool accessory, not a costume. For more inspiration on how to wear collars check out a Youtube sensation like Chriselle Lim. She'll make you want DIY collars all day. Also, check out this entire blog dedicated to fashion collars, Experiment and don't forget to have fun.

Spotted: Look to Miu Miu's spring 2011 fashion show for some collar inspiration. Also, check out Eleven Objects. They've got the detachable collard down to a science, so that way, you can too!

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