Styling is a science. When you wake up in the morning and are feeling especially fashion-inspired, you have the potential to create a cosmic reaction, a real energy from your outfit. Sometimes, you create an edgy attitude: biker boots, camo jeans, cut off vintage tee — hear me roar! And other times, you want to give off the calm, relaxed, free-spirit vibe. The fringe trend is one that accomplishes the latter — and quite well in my opinion.

The fringe is no longer on the fringe of fashion, my dear Fashionistas. It’s right smack in the heart of it. This trend seems to be seen on everyone and on everything today, both accessories and clothes. We see fringes on soft leather boots, vests, T-shirts, bags, shorts and even dresses. There is something so attractive about the way fringes move and sway; they embody the notion of fashion liberation. Perhaps that is why we saw young, progressive 1920s women breaking the mold in their flapper dresses — quintessential fringe-tastic frocks! Now as women of the twenty-first century, we continue similar strides for liberation (and equality), and what better way than to have our clothes reflect this feeling? 

When walking around the streets in Morningside Heights, I spotted this Fashionista wearing a cute Zara plaid jacket, black jeans and Tory Burch boots. Then as she walked by, I saw a gorgeous fringed bag breezing in the wind. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn’t help but to admire how chic, yet casual the bag looked swinging by her side. This fashionable Barnard student had created the perfect styling combination. She presented herself both as relaxed and put together simultaneously. She broke with fashion labeling and put herself in different categories, imbuing both the preppy collegiate and chill bohemian vibe. Pretty cool!

When we think about styling, maybe we too should opt for unlikely combinations. After all, we are dynamic, complex people, so why shouldn’t our clothing reflect this multi-dimensionality? Style your fringe shoes with a bomber jacket, your fringe T-shirt with leather jeggings, and your fringe shorts with a button-down. Do something bold with this versatile trend and live on the fashion fringe… it’s right by the Edge of Glory with Lady Gaga.

Spotted: Fringes were all over 2011 runways including that of Oscar de La Renta, Vivienne Tam and  Proenza Schouler

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