After Wednesday night’s Fashion Talk with Cher Coulter, celebrity stylist and jewelry designer of JewelMint (seriously go to the site), I got to thinking about the conversation that the style gurus and I had. Cher spoke about her inspiration from '50s housewives and this influence is being seen in today's fashion. Everyone says that history repeats itself especially in fashion and I have come to agree.

Coincidentally, I saw this Fashionista on my walk to class the other day. Her outfit is subtle but gives off such an old school charm. Whether her vintage class comes from the long string of pearls around her neck or the thrifted Yves Saint Laurent purse, this Fashionista is channeling her retro 50’s fashion.

The biggest thing to take note of is the Fashionista’s footwear! When is the last time you’ve seen saddle shoes? Their vintage charm embodies her fun personality and adds a certain unique flair to her outfit. You can find the original version and some funky variations on Muffys. If you want to find a shoe that is a bit more casual, put on a cute pair of jeans, cuff the ankles, add a chunky cable knit sweater and put on these saddle shoe-inspired Keds. If you really love the look, try making a statement at night! Put on a classic black dress; add bold lipstick, a noteworthy necklace and these oxford-inspired Steve Madden heels.

Spotted: Retro '50s glam in Prada’s spring 2012 Fashion Show

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